About Actors Nation

Who is Actors Nation?

Actors Nation was formed in 2015. Our founders, having worked in the entertainment industry for more than fifteen years, understand what it takes to be successful in Hollywood, and want to help other actors find their way!

Initially, our goal was to provide vital information, tips and great pricing on services that our members need, from head shots to demo reels, and other related acting services. We quickly realized that there was a need for much more help for actors, and expanded our scope. Our mission now is to be the go-to actor’s agency for performance artists at all levels of their career.

We intend to bring positive change and uplift our members by providing unprecedented opportunities and the needed tools of the acting trade so that our members are able to hone their craft and continue to grow while earning a good living in the film industry. No matter where you are in your acting career, whether just getting started or you have lots of acting credits already, we can help you practice, get the auditions you want and propel your career to new heights.

Actors Nation is the go-to resource website for Actors like yourself. The site was created and designed as the result of thorough research, advice from industry gurus and cutting-edge professional networking tools. All of this preparation has made it the ultimate, user-friendly platform for both fresh and veteran performance artists.

What does Actors Nation do?

Our services and products will be continuously evolving to serve the film industry, theatre and performance artists that we work with. We aim to be a good resource for our actors, as well as directors, producers and casting directors who are continuously looking for the right talent for their projects. Here are some of the things we are doing already:

      We make it easy for you to create a marketable profile to get you noticed! We provide the means to aggregate your previous experiences and upload a spectacular photo gallery that showcases YOU, and what you can do for a project or a casting director.

      Our platform connects you effortlessly with casting directors, other actors,  producers and directors in the acting world, and makes it easy for you to get to know them. Sometimes, it is not what you know, or how good you are, but who you know which can lead to a big acting break.

      We post casting notifications and audition alerts continuously, some of which will be perfect for you. Get ready, show up just a touch early and knock them dead!

      We share film industry news, Hollywood and New York events and tips that can help your career really take off.

      We will provide top-quality resources to each of our actors so that they have ample opportunities to show what they can do and to shine in the acting world.

      Actors Nation offers FREE Director and Casting Director workshops for our members only, and the first auditions for our Actor’s Nation projects are given to our members! These are both major benefits that you are unlikely to find with any other organization.

      Every product or service provider we introduce our members to has been thoroughly screened and approved by our board.


For more information about our acting career benefits, check out our Benefits Page. With Actors Nation, each of our members is a name, and not just a number. We value the knowledge and kinship that every performance artist brings to our group, whether a totally fresh face, or an A-list or B-list movie actor. Everyone has valuable insight and can contribute in their own ways. We’ll continue to bring you great projects that will get you closer to achieving your dreams. We believe clarity, networking, staying open-minded and keeping a positive and friendly attitude plays a pivotal role in allowing you to focus on what you do best – perfecting your acting craft!  Let Actors Nation handle the legwork for you.

How can you contact Actors Nation?

If you have any questions at all in mind that have not been answered here on our website, simply go to the Contact Us page and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

What are Actors Nation core beliefs?

We want you to understand our core beliefs and why we do what we do!

Actors with every different level of experience and talent are welcome to be a part of our talent community. Actors Nation will work hard to ensure the opportunities are available for those who are willing to reach out and grab them.

We want to give the most enthusiastic artists the opportunity to project themselves well as potential stars and acting champions from the very start, and skip the lower strata. Our belief is that the problem with starting at the bottom is that not enough actors manage to reach high enough to really get noticed, and staying in those lower rungs for too long discourages even the best actors enough so that they often give up. 

For these reasons, we channelize the efforts of each actor so that they get the finest resources and are confident enough to set bullet-proof goals as soon as they join our community.  We continually reinforce that our members should overlook temporary defeats, and instead target for their higher goals with a winning attitude. 

How can you join Actors Nation?

Just Click Here to create your public Actors Nation profile! You will immediately have access to our centralized database system and all the benefits and resources that we have to offer. We can’t wait to meet you!

Our Actors Nation Promise

Actors Nation was founded by actors to serve the industry needs of other talented acting professionals, and the organization continues to be owned and operated by actors and producers who bring their first-hand experience to the members.  Actors Nation and its resources are focused solely on taking care of its members by providing constantly evolving services to meet their needs and help them succeed. Actors Nation stands behind each and every service provider, because an actor’s time and money are crucial and in limited supply. In the ever-changing film industry, Actors Nation strives to constantly innovate and create opportunities for its members.

Nothing is more important than our members’ success!

This is the philosophy that will continue to drive Actors Nation.