Membership Benefits

First Chance To Audition For Our Film Projects

Promoting our talent is what we’re all about it! Here at Actors Nation you have the exclusive opportunity to gain exposure by auditioning and appearing/starring in upcoming Actors Nation and 2nd Nature Film projects! 

Casting Director Meet & Greet

Meet some of LA’s top casting directors at our ongoing casting director meet-ups, seminars and workshops. 

Up to 10 Photos

Tired of having to pay every time, whether it’s changing or uploading additional photos! Actors Nation allows you to upload or interchange your most flattering photos and head shots for free! 

Up to 5 Videos

Tired of having to pay an arm and the leg when uploading or changing your video reel, Actors Nation allows you to upload 1 demo reels and 5 clips eg, hosting reel, PR spot, interview, auditions or whatever else you feel gets you out front and noticed! 

Resume & Bio

Upload your Resume & Bio in a simple yet affective manner and be seen! 

Discounts on Head shots

Here at Actors Nation, we provide you with exciting and fantastic opportunities, so we want you to look good and feel good about your work, including your headshots! See highlighted professional photographers and their newest discounts daily! 

Discounted Actor Reels

Need your material cut into a reel? We got you! Discounted reels edited and to you quickly and efficiently! 

Casting Director Workshop

Targeting a particular casting director and want to get in front of him/her to prove your talent and show off your hard work! Sign up for our exclusively member only workshop with LA’s top casting directors Now!

Actors Nation  Events

We all know that an educated and motivated actor also creates his or her own work! Got a film you’re sitting on but don’t know what festivals to submit to or where to begin searching for distribution? Let Actors Nation be your guide! Sign up for our events and network with the who’s who of the entertainment industry!